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Hosting with Great Customer Service

I’ve been involved with providing website hosting for over 400 businesses dating back to 1996.

For most small to middle market businesses, a third party web site hosting solution is the way to go, but which one in that jungle of choices? What is a fair price? What are some good performance measures? Do they really have great customer service that helps?

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Web Hosting

I’ve watched the field become commodotized and the price wars that come with that. I’ve been on shared servers, virtual private servers, dedicated boxes, and cloud set ups.

You want a secure set up, you want it to load fast, you want quick access to top-notch customer service when you need it, and you want all this provided reasonably.

Sounds reasonable.

In 21 years of hosting for over 400 businesses, Site Ground is the best combination I’ve found of:

Security, Speed, Customer Service, Flexibility, and Value