Web Site Hosting for Dummies

You’ve reserved your domain name. Your concept is well thought-out, you’re ready to share something!

You know that someone can help you to design a site that delivers the function and results you’ve envisioned, but you may not be clear on what the hosting part involves.

In it’s simplest terms- you’ve reserved your domain name at a registrar, you’ve designed your site per your vision, now it’s time to share it with the world. That’s when you need a web host which is a computer that is specifically configured to house and display websites.

There are many players in the web hosting space and a wide range of pricing options offered by them. You don’t have to pay a lot to have good hosting for a simple, single-themed site.

Be careful though. In that myriad of web hosting providers are some bad players and going with one of them could make it impossible for your new business model to get any traction. Hosting is that big of a deal.

I started providing hosting through third party vendors in the mid 90’s and have seen many come and go. That process gave me a good feel for what is really critical in a web host, and why the best one is not always the most expensive one.

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Do small business websites get hacked?

I talk to small business people all the time and am still a little surprised at how often I hear some version of, “I’m sure no one would be interested in hacking into my small business website, all I do is….”

I get that you are immersed in your business everyday and how you could easily evolve to that position.

While prior to 2016 small businesses were not typically targeted to experience cyber crime, there was a fundamental change in that year.

If you have a website, you are a target for cyber crime.

You may think the service you offer wouldn’t be of much interest to a hacker, and you might be right, but your information is obviously valuable to you, and they know that.

Ransom attacks on small businesses have been on the increase since 2016.

Simple server “probes” are on the increase and have happened to every client that I host. In that case, we’ve blocked them, so there was no damage done.

Having a security team who stays on top of this for you at the web server level is one big reason to go with a trusted third party website host.

So if you used to think like the opening line in this article, now you know differently. Security for your little website is indeed a big deal.

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